Blue spirulina: 11 wonders of the blue-green algae you should know

Blue spirulina is a detoxifier, a body flusher.
Dried blue spirulina powder

Among all that nature blesses us with, Spirulina is one that will always surprise humans. The blue-green algae can grow in both salt and fresh water. Blue spirulina, like green spirulina is consumed by humans and animals. This is because of the many medicinal and nutritional benefits.

Blue spirulina is packed with lots of vitamins and minerals which our body need to perform its daily functions. And the fact that spirulina can grow in both fresh and salt water makes it easy for it to be grown at home.

You can grow blue spirulina at home. That’s a good news, right? Yes! It is such a good thing to know that we can grow this wonderful water body plant at home. There are three species of spirulina that you should be away. These species are Athrospira platensis, Athrospira fusiformis, and Athrospira maxima. Of all these species, Athrospira platensis is the most common blue-green algae you can find.

Where you can find blue spirulina

If you have been a regular consumer of NeoLife organic products, you might have taken spirulina without knowing it. Most companies that produce supplements make extensive use of spirulina in their formulations. So you might have taken blue or green spirulina without knowing.

Although spirulina can be cultured at home, China remain the only country that grows over 50% of the yearly commercial quantity of spirulina. This could explain why most supplements are being produced by Asian based companies.

What is the difference between blue spirulina and green spirulina?

Essentially speaking, there’s no difference between the two. It is like a red oil and the palm fruits. Blue spirulina is actually the phycocyanin. It is extracted and purified from the green spirulina. Blue spirulina is a more active and vibrant spirulina in terms of its antioxidant activities. However, when we talk of nutritional benefits, green spirulina is far more fortified than blue spirulina.

Blue spirulina powder

After the extraction and purification from green spirulina, what you see is the blue spirulina powder. This powder contains high proteins, a slight amount of carbohydrates and high presence of antioxidants. Blue spirulina powder can be purchased in any supermarkets that sells organic supplements.

Blue spirulina powder can be added to your diets, in smoothies, in bliss bowls and to your fruit juices. You can also add it to your beverages, add it to your herbal tea and other foods. Blue spirulina powder is usually packaged and sold as spirulina capsule by most supplement producing and pharmaceutical companies. These capsules are what you usually see been advertised by vendors as antioxidant supplements.

Green spirulina is enriched with strong antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds.
Green spirulina

Spirulina capsules

These are commercial health supplements that you can find most pharmaceutical stores. Spirulina is formulated from the powdered spirulina and packaged for commercial purposes.

Health benefits of blue spirulina

Spirulina has been linked to several health and nutritional benefits. As a powerful antioxidant, blue spirulina exert its numerous biological activities through is suppression of free reactive oxygen species. So, from your heart to your gut and circulatory system, you can see that blue or normal spirulina is of immense benefit to your health.

Blue spirulina is a strong detox supplement

Most diseases we encounter on daily basis are as a result of the harmful effects of reactive oxygen species. These free radicals are deleterious to your health. They’re the reasons for autoimmune diseases like diabetes, strokes, Alzheimer’s diseases, arthritis, etc. They’re also the reason you age quicker than your mates.

So you see, blue spirulina is one of the supplements you must have in your home. If you have spermidine supplement, then you should also get blue spirulina or the green one in your house.

These supplements are sold in commercial brands. So they’re easy to purchase online and offline. You already know about detoxifiers, like miracle seeds. Spirulina is another strong detoxifier that will keep you healthy and reduce the consumption of tablets. It rejuvenates and improves your overall health.

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Spirulina protects you from cancer

When it come to cancer, every human every human should be really concerned. This is because cancer is deleterious. It can affect anyone, both young and old. Cancer is better prevented than managed. Luckily for us, nature has given us all what we need to protect ourselves from tumor agents. One of such great help to man is blue and green spirulina.

As an anticancer agent, spirulina protects us from cancer diseases by various means. According to a study, spirulina produces C-phycocyanin. This C-phycocyanin is a selective inhibitor of cycloxygenase-2 enzyme (Cox-2). Cox-2 is implicated in several diseases related to inflammations. It can only be activated by diseases causing agents, unlike the Cox-1 which is responsible for normal cellular functions.

Therefor, by inhibiting the Cox-2 activities, both green and blue spirulina have shown why you should make them a part of your daily meal. Aside Phycocyanin, spirulina also possesses high presence of selenium. Selenium has strong inhibitory activities against the human breast cancer cell line, MCF-7. Spirulina, taro milk tea is therefore a great remedy for preventing and managing cancer diseases such as human breast cancer, colon cancer, gastric cancer and several other cancer cells.

Spirulina improves brain health

Spirulina is beneficial for your brain functions, including memory and learning. It is especially important for older adults who may be suffering certain brain related diseases like Alzheimer’s diseases and other cognitive impairment like dementia. This is also true of luffa sponge.

According to some studies, spirulina supports healthy growth of the  hippocampus neural progenitor cells. It was demonstrated by some studies that treatment with Spirulina-enriched diets increases cerebellar glutathione (GSH) levels, reduces malondialdehyde (MDA) levels, reduces pro-inflammatory cytokines, and ameliorates both spatial and motor learning in aged rats. This study supports the claim of spirulina on brain functions.

Improves your vision

Spirulina is indeed a life saver. It is also beneficial for your eyes. Yes! Spirulina helps prevent the early development of cataract. The super supplement contains Zeaxanthin, a compound which protects your eyes from oxidative damage of reactive oxygen species. Spirulina also protect your eyes from harmful photoelectric effects.

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Spirulina improves your skin health

Spirulina is well enriched with multiple antioxidants, including vitamins, proteins and and essential fatty acids. These biocompounds are responsible for protecting your skin from the harmful effects of U V radiation, metal intoxications, and skin diseases such as acne, eczema, skin wrinkles and inflammations.

Spirulina improves the overall appearance of your skin, including maintaining your skin tone, hydration, and makes you look youthful even at an advanced age. With spirulina, your skin will surely radiate with pleasantness.

Blue spirulina for diabetes

Diabetes, according to World Health Organization, is a chronic disease that affects the pancreas. It is a phenomenon in which the pancreas no longer produces insulin or when the body cannot make effective use of the insulin it produces. One ugly symptom about diabetes is frequent urination, thereby causing dehydration. Diabetes can also be a risk factor for heart diseases. So you see, it is very important to prevent the onset of diabetes than managing it.

To protect yourself from the ugly incidence of diabetes, always eat bitter herbs, Mushrooms, and blue spirulina. According to a study, oral administration of spirulina exhibited strong antidiabetic activities toward streptozotocin induced type-2 diabetes. According to several studies, spirulina rejuvenates the pancreas, increasing the secretion of insulin, and also increasing the rate of glucose transport to the cells.

The previous study also showed that blue spirulina also affects diabetes through the down-regulation of NADPH and NADH, a cofactor in the fat metabolism. Therefore, if you are suffering diabetes mellitus, spirulina may be a great benefit to you, and may fasten the effects of the chemotherapy you take.

Blue spirulina prevents lead and arsenic poisonings

According to a study, millions of people in Bangladesh, India, Taiwan and Chile are consuming high concentration of arsenic through drinking water and are at risk of chronic arsenic poisoning for which there is no specific treatment. This should be of great concern to the government of those countries. Metal poisoning can lead to death. So if you live in the rural area where heavy metal poisoning is prevalent, you should make spirulina tea a daily routing. Luckily, spirulina prevent lead, arsenate and other heavy metal poisoning through its strong antioxidants effect.

Prevents allergic rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis is a global concern, affecting a larger population of the Asian region, including South Korea, and United Arab emirates more than others. This disease has affecting the quality of life of those affected in a larger scale. Most allergic rhinitis result from inflammation responses associated with symptoms of the eyes, the ears, and the throat. People who suffer allergic rhinitis are triggered by pebbles of dusts, in which case the affected parts become swollen, itchy, and reddened.

But thanks to spirulina. It has been shown that it can prevent the allergic response with strong effects. The mechanism of this anti-allergic impact is through the significant decrease in the levels of IL-α, IL-β and IL-4, as well as a significant increase in the level of IL-10 when spirulina was administered.

Spirulina improves fertility and pregnancy in women

If you are expecting a baby, taking spirulina and chlorella supplements will greatly increase your chances of conception, support strong and health fetal growth, prevents birth defects associated with the deficiency of folate. You can should also, as a matter of necessity include Maca coffee in your daily beverage list. Aside helping women to conceive, after delivery, spirulina also support gestation. It increases the secretion of breast milk. Thus, spirulina, either the green or blue variety is so important for your pregnancy health.

Spirulina for men

One of the causes of infertility in men is low sperm count, another is low erectile dysfunction, otherwise known as impotency. The major cause of both low sperm count, lw sperm motility, erectile dysfunctions is oxidative stress. When reactive oxygen species is high around the testicular cells, it affects spermatogenesis, seminal fluid, and sperm motility. Luckily, spirulina is a strong antioxidant supplement, which can reverse those harmful effects of reactive oxygen species.

Daily supplementation of spirulina and spermidine will surely improve your sexual life and make you smile at your partner again.

Blue spirulina boost immunity

Spirulina is fortified with different antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory compounds. These compounds mount defense mechanisms on your body. With the active biological compounds, you don’t have to worry about disease causing organisms, also, spirulina antiviral compounds, making it a good supplement for people treating hepatitis and other viral infections.

As an anti-aging supplement, spirulina will regenerate your cellular components, remove free radicals, and build your immune systems. It is also beneficial for people managing autoimmune diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, osteoarthritis and several others.


Spirulina is safe for consumption, as it possess no known toxicity yet. It is good for pregnant women also, according to several studies reviewed in the course of writing this article. Finally, this is to let you know that this is a pure academic exercise. It should not replace the position of your doctor. Always consult your doctor before consumming herbal preprations.


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