7 home remedies that increase libido in men

How to boost libido and penis erection naturally.

There is an increasing demands for foods that boost penis erection and increase libido in men in the society owing to several sexual failure to gain sexual satisfaction of partners. The reason for this is not farfetched. Several researches have indicated that men contribute 50% of reproductive dysfunction in couples. The increasing sexual dysfunction and impotency has driven most men to take synthetic erectile drugs, which mostly has side effects on the patients, especially if the patient is suffering high blood pressure. I therefore present to you 5 amazing ways to boost your libido and maintain penis erection.

1. Garlic and Vitamin C.

Chew one ear of garlic and vitamin C either in the morning or at night for three days. Garlic possesses antimicrobial properties that clear urinary tract infection. In addition, Garlic increases the production of nitric oxide (NO) which functions as a vasodilator, thereby increasing the in-flow of blood into the penile Corpora cavernous and Corpus spongiosum tissues. Vitamin C is an antioxidant; it helps in NO production and also prevents it breakdown, thereby maintaining steady penile erection for a longer period.

2. Onions and Honey

Get at least six bulbs of big onions, blend and squeeze out the liquid content. Then add three or four spoonful of natural honey and homogenize. Take it three times a day for six days. The combined mixture has widely been reported to maintain a permanent cure of erectile dysfunction. As one of the strongest aphrodisiac, onion increases blood flow into the penile tissues and maintain penis hardness. Its antioxidant compounds also boost sperm counts and increases testosterone production. Also, honey increases NO production and increases testosterone production. In addition, it increases libido in men. A combination of Onion and honey may be just what you need to give your woman the best sexual experience.

3. Water melon juice and seeds

Eat water melon with its seeds few hours before sexual activities. They increase libido and maintain penis erection and hardening. However, this function of Water melon juice and seeds are temporal and does not last longer than few hours. When taken at night, it can last for the night and stops.


4. Banana and groundnut

Banana contains B vitamins that are involved in energy production and relief of stress. It also increases blood flow and maintain penis erection. Groundnut, just like other nuts, increases sperm volume and quality. It will also increase libido in men. A combination of banana and groundnut is what you need to drive your woman crazy on bed. Banana and ground are popular among the foods that boost penis erection and increase libido in men.


5. Garlic, ginger and honey

Homogenize a good quantity of garlic and ginger in a blender and squeeze out their liquid contents. Then mix the content with honey and keep. Take a tea spoonful morning and night. The combo is an excellent mixture for enhancing sexual drive, increase sperm count and testosterone production and maintain strong erection during sexual activity. IYou want your woman to worship you, right? Prepare this combo and thank me later. You may add turmeric to the combo.

6. Snot apples (Goron Tula)

Snot apples are found in Western African regions, especially in the North Eastern part of Nigeria, where it is popularly known as Goron Tula. It is highly likely effective for the treatment of infertility in men and women.

Goron Tula increases libido, sperm motility, sperm count and enhances strong erection in men. It also increases female libido, induces virginal fluid secretion, and helps women reach orgasm quicker. It is also beneficial for treating vaginas odour, and for inducing labor in pregnant women.

To use snot apple, boil the fruits and stem bark in water and drink a cup of the decoction every morning morning before meal.

7. Bitterleaf juice

Bitter leaves possess alkaloids that inhibit enzymes linked to erectile dysfunction such as Arginase and phophodiesterase-5. These inhibitory activities helps you maintain strong erection for a longer period, and thereby gives you a good sex. Bitter leaves also possess strong antioxidants that suppress sperm DNA damage by oxidative stress.

8. Hotleaf seeds and leaves

Uziza leaves and seeds boost sperm count, testicular spermatogenesis and weight, increase libido in men and also enhance strong penile erection. This fertility property of hot leaf seeds usually counters antifertility effect of  gossypol in okra.

Hotleaf seeds also increase sperm count, strong erection and libido, suppress quick ejaculation and increases sperm motility.

Guava leaf tea

Guava leaves possess strong antioxidants and aphrodisiac compounds that help you maintain strong erection for a longer duration. It also helps in boosting your immune system and protects your kidney and liver. What’s more? Guava leaves are readily available, unlike most other aphrodisiac herbs.

Garcinia kola

Bitter kola is a strong medicinal herb that is widely grown in the tropical and subtropical wet regions of Central and West Africa. It possess a varied range of applications in tradomedicinal field.

Aside boosting fertility, it is also suggested to maintain strong libido in men.




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