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9 Health benefits of soursop fruit juice

One of the best fruits, Soursop fruit juice also known as graviola pulp is widely consumed for its…
Bay leaf tea health benefits
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11 health benefits of drinking bay leaf tea

If you have not taking bay leaf tea before, you may want to do so after reading through…
Health benefits of sweet tomatoes and side effects
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Sweet tomatoes: Great health benefits and side effects.

Hardly can a week pass without you consuming a food made with sweet tomatoes. In fact, most Nigerians…
Benefits of star apple
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Star Apple: Amazing Health Benefits of eating its fruits.

Eating for its sour taste when fairly ripen and sweet taste when well ripen, star apple finds favor…
Health benefits of eating garden egg
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Garden egg: 11 Reasons why you should eat the fruits.

Garden egg (Solanum incanum) is a herbaceous plant of the solanaceae family. It is a tropical plant and…
Health benefits of Scent leaf Juice
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11 Health Benefits of Scent Leaf Juice

Known for its sweet scented smell and flavoring taste, scent leaf ( Ocimum gratissimum) is a household spice…