Ginger and Lemongrass tea benefits

Ginger and lemongrass tea for body weight
Ginger and lemongrass tea

Ginger and Lemongrass are both plants of reputable herbal remedies. Both on their own are known for strong medicinal importance. Ginger is a detoxifier, and so is lemon grass. Both can help you reduce your weight, both possess antimicrobial compounds.

So why Ginger and Lemongrass tea?

When you take ginger and lemongrass tea, you will enjoy the synergies both bring to their medicinal values. For instance, the biologically active compounds may be acting on the same enzyme or disease causing organisms, but their chemical structure are definitely not the same, a d they’re different compounds.

This differences in chemical compounds that act on the same target makes it hard for the disease causing organism to develop resistance for the herbal remedies.

How do you make ginger and lemongrass tea, (Recipe)?

Although you can get ginger and lemongrass tea in the market, it is usually important that you make your own tea yourself. The reason is that most times, these products are not really what is written on them.  So how do you make ginger and lemongrass recipe?

Lemongrass and ginger recipe

  • Assemble lemongrass leaves and ginger roots.
  • Cut each into smaller pieces and allow to dry
  • Grind each differently (After they’re dried)
  • Add two spoonfuls each of the herbs into a cup
  • Pour hot water to 2/3 of the cup and allow to simmer
  • Strain the tea after 5 minutes
  • Add honey to taste, and drink your herbal tea.

What are the health benefits of ginger and lemongrass tea?

Most people make the mistake of taking herbal remedies or supplements after they’ve fallen sick. That’s a bad practice. In fact, when you have fallen, sick, you should consult your doctor before taking any herbal remedy.

The purpose of herbal remedies is to keep you healthy and youthful, with the numerous antioxidants present in those herbs.

Ginger and lemongrass tea as detoxifier

The root cause of so many illnesses can be traced to toxic substances which are accumulated in the body over a certain period of time. These toxic substances, when they’re up to a certain amount would over power the natural antioxidants in our body and thereby elicit an avalanche of free radicals, which in turn attack and destroy our cells and tissues. As a result, our bodies become weak and vulnerable to infections organisms.

In other aspects, the released free radicals attack and damage our DNAs, causing autoimmune diseases such as diabetes, Parkinson disease and others.

With ginger and lemongrass tea, you’re quite sure to detoxify your body and remove every toxic substance that would adversely affect your body.

Ginger and lemongrass tea improves healthy liver

Ginger and lemongrass possess bioactive compounds that help the  liver function very well. Ginger contains gingerol and shaganols which help prevent liver inflammation and fatty liver formation. The citral present in lemongrass also help the liver to function well.

The combination of ginger and lemongrass tea not only refreshes you but also removes toxic substances in the liver, and prevent liver cancer and damages.

Ginger and lemongrass tea lower cholesterol

It is not good to allow cholesterol to accumulate in your body for a long time. Although cholesterol plays a vital role in the body for example, as a precursor of some hormones in the body, it is unhealthy for you to eat foods that are high in cholesterol.

High cholesterol will lead to fatty liver, increased deposits of bad cholesterol on the arterial walls, which leads to blockage of the blood vessels. This in turn will result to high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases, and ultimately death.

The good news is that if you start drinking ginger and lemongrass tea, your health will greatly improved, and your cholesterol level will drastically reduce.

May help you shade off some weight

In addition to removing excess fats from your body, ginger and lemongrass tea also will help you maintain a good weight and body shape. Excess calories can lead to obesity and other health complications.

Drink ginger and lemongrass tea every morning will help you maintain your desired body size and weight. It will also keep you youthful and strong.

Ginger and lemongrass for skin

Both the ginger and lemongrass in your tea contain vitamin C, and other strong antioxidants. Antioxidants are good for the skin. The help your skin remain fresh, hydrated, and youthful. They also promote good hair growth and make your hair shiny. So, the more ginger and lemongrass you take, the younger your skin would look.

May promote good digestion

Both herbs possess fiber which is good for food digestion and assimilation into the blood, which in turn carries the nutrients to every cells of your body. It enhances the passage of foods into the small  intestine for further digestion and adsorption. The soluble fiber in the tea promotes easy passage of faeces through the large intestine and our of the anus. It prevents constipation.

May prevent ulcer

Both ginger and lemongrass possess antimicrobial properties that may prevent the cause of ulcer due to Helicobacter pylori. Both herbs do not contain caffeine, which makes it a good drink for an ulcer patient. Aside ulcer, the tea also prevents other gastritis as it helps in maintaining the mucosa wall, thereby preventing the attack of acidic environment.

Ginger is a strong gastro-protectant that works by increasing mucin secretion, reducing the numbers of inflammatory cytokines, small proteins that signal to the immune system to begin an inflammatory response, in the stomach according to a study. As a treatment for ulcers, when properly administered, ginger has shown to be as eوٴective or better as cimetidine for treating.

May prevent the cancer

A regular intake of ginger and lemongrass tea will protect your body from carcinogens. This has been supported by studies on the individual herbal plant. According to a study, Ginger and its constituents show a vital effect in the control of tumor development through up-regulation of tumor suppressor gene, induction of apoptosis and inactivation of VEGF
pathways. The study further showed that angiogenic factors such as VEGF (Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor) and FGF (fibroblast growth factor) play a significant role in the development and progression of tumor. Therefore, inhibition of VEGF and FGF is an important step in the prevention of tumor development/management.

Another study on lemon grass also showed an Inhibitory effects of the plant extract on the early phase of hepatocarcinogenesis after initiation with diethylnitrosamine were seen in 344 male Fischer rats. These studies are proves that ginger and lemongrass tea is a great herbal remedy as a preventive measures against cancers.

Ginger and lemongrass tea prevents diabetes

Just like Okra water, ginger and lemongrass tea also improves diabetic condition greatly. Ginger has been proven to be an effective antidiabetic remedy through the inhibition f intestinal glucosidase and amylase, resulting in the reduction of glucose absorption.

Ginger prevents nausea and vomiting

As a pregnant, it is common that at the early stage you would always feel nauseated at certain smell, or by merely looking at certain things that elicit nausea and therefore, would likely vomit.

His is where ginger and lemongrass tea comes handy. Lemongrass has a mint aroma which is pleasant to the nose, while ginger suppresses nausea and vomiting. So, if you take the tea, especially in the morning, it would prevent the chances of you vomiting throughout the day.

Ginger and lemongrass tea is also beneficial for deep divers who experience deep sea sickness.

Possess anti-inflammatory activities

Ginger and lemongrass tea helps in pain relief, this is done through the modulation of calcium levels mediated through transient receptor potential vanilloid subtype 1 (TRPV1), which is a heat-and pain-sensitive receptor that can interact with [6]-gingerol.


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