Mosambi juice: 12 benefits of sweet lime juice

Mosambi juice
Mosambi juice for pregnancy and weight loss

Mosambi fruit juice (Citrus limetta) also known as sweet lime is a popular fruit juice in India, and several other Asian countries. Mosambi juice is known for its medicinal and nutritional benefits. It is a refreshing juice that’s packed with vitamin C and potassium. It has a sweet and sour taste, and be bought in the market with different brand names. The popular brand name being mosambi juice.

Sweet lime fruits are round or oval in shape, and possess green – yellow colors. It is a hybrid of mexican lime and sweet lemon. The fruit tree, which can now be found in many parts of the world is India’s number 1 fruit juice.

What are the nutritional benefits of Mosambi fruit juice?

Mosambi juice is fortified with vitamin C, folic acid, Iron, Copper, Zinc, Calcium, Potassium, and Fibers. It is low in calories, making it a good drink for someone that’s watching weight. Iron is beneficial for hemoglobin production and transportation of oxygenated blood from the lungs to various parts of the body. Calcium helps the body to maintain strong bones, and is also involved in neurotransmissions.

Health benefits of Mosambi fruit juice

Mosambi juice is well fortified with several bioactive compounds with antioxidation and anti-inflammation properties. These compounds are behind the several biological and pharmacological properties. More so, Sweet line is non toxic to the body.

Sweet lime is excellent for dissolving gallstone

Mosambi fruit is a rich source of d-lemonene, a bioactive compound that can dissolve human gallstone within two hours. Gallstones are hard deposits of bile that form in the gallbladder. They can cause sharp pains at the right upper part of the abdomeninal cavity, which may spread to the back and shoulder blade.

When you drink mosambi juice, the d-lemonene present in it will help in dissolving any gallstone that might have been formed in your gallbladder. This is then emptied into the stomach through the bile duct and then, excreted. This makes sweet lime not just a regular juice drink, but a reliable home remedy for gallstone.

D-lemonene in mosambi prevents cancer cell growth

Aside its effectiveness at dissolving gallstones, d-lemonene also offers chemoprotection against cancer cell growth. In a study, d-lemonene inhibited the development of liver cancer, pulmonary adenoma, and stomach tumors. It can also induce cytochrome p450 enzymes, which mwtabolizes carcinogens to less toxic forms and prevent their interaction with DNA.

Whereas mosambi juice may not exert curative activities on these cancer cells, it is exciting to know that a regular intake of sweet lime may not just be for the sweetness but also for a proper healthy functioning of your body cells.

Mosambi juice prevents hypertension

If you are hypertensive, then a regular glass of mosambi juice may be what you needed to keep your blood pressure checked. This is because studies have shown that the juice prevented the rising systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, and mean blood pressure. These effects of sweet lime were done by antagonizing the effect of angiotensin II, which may be through the inhibition of angiotensin converting enzyme.

Angiotensin II is involved in vasoconstriction, which results in high blood pressure. Therefore, by suppressing the effects of angiotensin II on the blood vessels, mosambi juice may help you maintain your blood pressure at the normal level.

Mosambi juice with a spoonful of avocado seed powder may give you a strong synergistic effect, as avocado seed has been noted to be a powerful antihypertensive agent. Another supplement that would help you maintain a good blood pressure level is Spermidine.

Sweet lime for gastroesophageal reflux disorder

Gastroesophageal reflux disorder is a disease condition in which stomach acid flows back into the mouth or stops in the esophagus. This usually leaves a sour tast on the mouth and can cause serious tissue damage.

The good news is that mosambi juice is highly fortified with d-lemonene, which has been shown to effective in releaving the disease condition. D-lemonene also offers relieve from occasional heartburn, and may be effective for treating ulcer through the inhibition of proton pump into the stomach.

Mosambi juice aids in digestion

Mosambi is rich in fiber and vitamin C. It aids food digestion and prevent constipation. Mosambi juice also facilitates the secretion of saliva from the salivary gland, which aids digestion. The acids present in mosambi juice help in the removal of toxins from the bowel tracts, thus easing constipation. Sweet lime also stops dysentery and amoebic diarrhea. It stops stomach upset.

May be helpful for diabetes

Sweet lime may help prevent diabetes or aid its healing. The fruit peel is composed of two strong hypoglycemic bioactive compounds, Hesperidin and Naringin. Naringin, in addition to its hypoglycemic activity also possess hypolipidemic activity. It also provides significant amelioration effect on diabetes due to its antioxidant activities.

Mosambi juice boosts immunity

Aside being rich in vitamin C, the fruit juice also contains several other bioactive compounds such as flavonoids. These compounds, including Zinc elements, possess antioxidation and anti-inflammation activities against several diseases. They also boost the immune system. Mosambi also enhance the circulation of blood to all parts of the body , thereby ensuring proper transportation of nutrients and oxygen to every body parts.

Sweet lime for pregnancy

Mosambi juice, like okra water, is an excellent drink for pregnant women. This is because it is well fortified with vitamin C and folic acid, which help immensely in pregnancy. Folate helps in the neural tube development. it is also important in preventing some major birth defects of the baby’s brain and spinal chord. Vitamin C helps the mother and her baby produce collagen for bone and tendons. It also help in reducing the risk of complications associated with pregnancy such as intrauterine growth restriction, pre-eclampsia, and maternal anemia. These make mosambi juice a handy drink for pregnant women.

Promotes hair growth

Both the juice of sweet lime and the essential oil from the fruit peels have been shown to promote healthy hair growth, prevents hair fall, and split ends. The essential oil also make the hair shiny and dense. So, if you want to enjoy a healthy hair growth, make mosambi juice a regular drink, and also make use of the essential oil present on the fruit peels.

There are however, some other remedy for hair growth such as watermelon seed oil, perilla seed oil and spermidine supplement.

Drink mosambi juice if you are watching weight

If you not comfortable accumulating excess fat, mosambi juice is your handy remedy to get you back to shape. The juice is known for its antihyperglycemic and hypolipidemic effects. This means that the can help you burn out some fats, including belly fats, improve fatty liver. It also clears the body and blood of bad cholesterol, which are one of the many reasons it is beneficial for your heart health.

May improve eyesight

There are speculations that sweet lime is beneficial for the eyes. This has not been proved scientifically. However, given the fact that the juice is rich in antioxidants, the speculations may be possess some truths. For instance, vitamin C is involved in collagen formation. Collagen is a protein that provides structure for the eyes. Vitsmin C also lowers the risk of developing cataract. Aside vitamin C, zinc is also involved in collagen synthesis. Therefore, it may be right to say that mosambi juice improves eyesight, seeing the fact that vitamin C is richly present in sweet lime juice.

Is beneficial for bone development

The fruit juice of sweet lime is rich in calcium, iron, and potassium. These mineral elements are essential for healthy bone formations. Calcium is involved in bone formation, potassium increases the mineral density of the bone, while iron, which is also involved in maintaining healthy bone mineral density also enhances the synthesis of collagen.



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