Health benefits of tropical girdlepod

Health benefits of tropical girdlepod
Tropical girdlepod for skin treatment

Tropical girdlepod (Mitracarpus hirtus) is a popular West African plant, commonly found in bush fallowed land, as weeds in most humus soils, but which has proved to possess several health benefits.
The plant is usually green, with small leaves and multiple banches. Girdlepod can at most grow up to a foot, with white flowers at the tip of each branch. Locally, girdlepod is known as Irawo ile in Yoruba, Gudal in Hausa, and Ogwungwo in Igbo.

How to use tropical girdlepod

You can use the leaves for topical application, and also, you can boil the whole plant and drink the decoction for other treatments.

How to use girdlepod for the skin

To use girdlepod for topical application on the skin, follow this simple steps:

  • Wash the leaves and flowers
  • Blend, pound, or mash with your palms
  • To squeeze out the juice
  • Rub the juice on the affected area and wash when 3-4hours.
  • Repeat in the morning, afternoon, and at night.

How to prepare girdlepod decoction

Wash the whole plant in a clean water, boil for about 20 minutes, strain the water and drink.

Girdlepod juice

Blend the leaves and filter. Then drink the filtrate. You may add a little to reduce the concentration and divide the juice into two cups. Drink one in the morning, and the remaining at even time.

How to make girdlepod for bath

Get as many as you can of the whole plant, boil in a big put 2/3 filled with water for about 30 minutes. Pour in a bathing bucket and bath with the decoction.

What are the benefits of girdlepod

Girdlepod is endowed with several bioactive phytochemicals, which have conferred on it the ability to treat some ill health. Although there are several use of the plant in traditional medicines, the aim of this article is to furnish you with scientifically proven pharmacological and biological benefits of girdlepod plant.

Tropical girdlepod is used for skin diseases

Girdlepod is an effective herb for treatment of skin diseases such as eczema, skin rashes, and ringworm among others. Ringworm is a fungal disease caused by a fungus called ringworm. But eczema, also called atopic dermatitis is caused by the reaction of your immune system to some irritants and stress.
The potency with which girdlepod clears these skin diseases is of great value in medicinal field, as most skin ointments are becoming less effective for treatment of skin diseases, some of thw effective ones are also too costly for an average village dweller to afford.
To use the plant, you may either use the juice and rob on the affected skin area, or allow to dry. Then you can grind it and infused in a body treatment cream or shea butter. Apply three times a day for three days at minimum.

Tropical girdlepod is also beneficial for wound healing

Aside being effective for treating skin diseases, girdlepod can also be used topically for wound healing. The juice or infused herbal cream of girdlepod is applied topically to hasten the skin contraction and collagen formation, both of which fasten wound closure and healing. Some other herbs with strong wound healing potential include Ficus platyphylla, Aspilia africana, wild celery, and Garcinia kola.

Girdlepod for toothache

Toothache occur usually as a result of decay in th tooth root due to bacterial infection of as a result of inflammatory responses. Some chemicals used in toothpaste formulations have also been implicated in tooth decay and pains. Luckily, girdlepod possesses both antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activity against toothache. This may explain the use of girdlepod for treatment of toothache.

Topical girdlepod for leprous disease

Aside its efficacy in the management and treatment of skin rashes, boils, and wounds, girdlepod has also been used for treating leprosy.

Can boost your immunity

Tropical girdlepod is well fortified with different secondary metabolites and minerals such as iron, zinc and selenium. It also contains calcium, and copper. These chemical compounds are vital for a healthy body functions, and also boost immunity against infectious diseases. Iron is needed for hemoglobin production, and for the transportation of oxygenated blood to various parts of the body. This also shows that girdlepod may also improve anemia.

Tropical girdlepod is beneficial for cancer prevention

Some studies have shown that girdlepod may possess strong anticancer activity due to its enormous phytochemical contents. This would be a great news considering the high cancer incidents and high cost of treatments. Spermidine supplements may also be a great synergy to it’s anticancer activities. However, it is my humble advice that you seek your doctors attention before doing so.


Although girdlepod is known for its efficacy and is popular among traditional healers, little researches have so far been made with regard to its

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