9 Amazing benefits of maca coffee And best recipe

Maca coffee is made from the roots/tubers of Maca herbs.
Maca coffee for men and women fertility

If you’re a lover of coffee or tea, then Maca coffee is one that you should make a part of your daily drink. Maca root has been extensively studied and proved to possess several health and nutritional values. Maca coffee is made from the tubers of Peruvian ginseng, a south American tuberous herb.
The coffee is made by roasting and preparing the Maca root to give it a coffee like flavor. It is usually packaged and sold in different stores to people who are looking for nutritional and herbal remedies. Most people take it as an alternative to caffeinated drink.
Maca root may be blended with other herbs or fruits, or taken alone, depending on the purpose for which it was made. In most cases, the dried powder is added to other fruit juices, herbal teas, coffee, or any other beverage and savored.

How does Maca taste?

Maca has a peppery, crest-like flavor and a butterscotch-like taste. Some said it tastes slightly bitter while others claim it has slight sweet taste.

Does maca work like Viagra?

Most people are curious to know if maca works like Viagra. The truth is that Viagra is a synthetic drug with several side effects. I would advise that you avoid taking Viagra for sexual stamina due to its ugly effects on the long run. Maca coffee or juice is known to increase libido in a natural way. This may just be likened to uziza seed, alligator pepper. However, maca has shown to possess more potent effect than the others.
While you may take Maca coffee daily as a beverage, it is also advisable you don’t abuse it. You may also seek your doctor’s advise if you are treating thyroid related diseases.

Does maca coffee increase size?

There’s this fallacies spreading round about maca. This fallacy is mostly about the alleged ability of maca coffee to increase body size. But don’t fall for it. They’re cheap business propaganda being propagated by those who want to sell their products at their customer’s curiosity. The truth is that every food or drink is beneficial to the body. That’s even why they’re are called foods and drinks. They also possess the ability to give you the nutrients required for proper body building. But claiming a special body size building capacity with regard to maca is a false claim.

Can i drink Maca coffee everyday?

Maca is very good to take. It is also safe to drink or use in other food preparation on a daily basis. However, for someone that suffers low blood pressure, it is not good to take it everyday.

What are the benefits of Maca coffee?

Maca coffee is a wonderful beverage with several health and nutritional benefits. One of the several benefits is relaxation effects it has on the body. So if you are exhausted and needed a beverage to relax your muscles with, Maca coffee is the best for such a time. It is fortified with different vitamins and minerals, which contribute to the nutritional values of the plant.
Maca is well fortified with several amino acids, most of which are essential amino acids. These amino acids are needed for cellular and structural functions. It may be a good remedy for people that suffer deficiency diseases.

Maca coffee for men

Sexual dysfunction have become highly prevalent in the society world over. As one ages the likelyhood of experiencing sexual dysfunction becomes even high. For men, this may be seen in erecrile dysfunction, where the penis becomes weak and can not maintain erection for a longer period. Sometimes, once a man’s penis is inserted into a woman’s vagina, it become placid and lose its functionality.
Erectile dysfunctions is equivalent to being impotent. Men who suffer sexual dysfunction cannot get a woman pregnant. Aside erectile dysfunction, other sexual dysfunction include low sperm count, low sperm motility, low libido.
Although Maca has been said to improve fertility in men, it is not clearly demonstrated by clinical trial. This means that whereas Maca coffee may help maintain the sexual health of a healthy man, it may not be authoritatively prescribed for a man who suffers infertility.

Another herbal supplement that you may consider when treating sexual dysfunction is spermidine supplements.

Maca coffee is an energizer

Most times, when you are burn out, you would need an energy drink to recover what has gone out of you. Usually, most of those drinks we take for this purpose add more sugars to our body and expose us to overweight. But with Maca, you do not have to worry about your weight. Maca is a natural energizer and does not increase your weight.

May help you relax well

Aside boosting your energy, Maca also helps you have a well restful moments, especially is you take a cup of the coffee after dinner. It helps you to sleep sound and wake up full of energy a d ready for the day’s work. So you see, Maca coffee is actually a great help, considering the fact that this beverage does not contain caffein.

May improve post-menopausal condition

Maca possesses estrogen-like compounds that improves post-menopausal health conditions such as anxiety, cardiovascular diseases, and weight gain. When the estrogen level in your body decreases due to menopause, your risk of developing cardiovascular diseases increases in an inverse proportion.
Estrogen performs great roles in women. It increases the level of high density lipoproteins, decreases low density lipoproteins, promotes blood clotting, and promotes the dilation and smoothening of the blood vessels; thereby encouraging free blood flow.

Maca boosts immunity

As part of its health benefits, maca coffee also boosts your immune system and helps your body fight invading disease pathogens. Maca is rich in proteins, which are involved in the production of antibodies and cellular components.
Maca also possesses strong antimicrobial compounds such of polyphenolic compounds. These compounds kills infective organisms, and protect your body from the harmful attacks of free reactive oxygen molecules.

Maca improves memory and learning

The Peruvian people usually add maca to their children’s meal to help them develop sharp brain and strong memory. These may be due to the presence of the B vitamins in addition to the amino acids and essential oil present in the root of maca.
A regular intake of maca coffee may also be beneficial for adults in way of improving their learning and memory. It may also help people with dementia. However, this is not a medical advice. So consult your doctor i such a case. Another stronger herbal tea for boosting your memory and treating insomnia, depression, and improving learning is lemon verbena tea. The amazing thing about this is that you can make your maca coffee by adding lemon verbena powder to it before brewing.

Maca root for hormonal imbalance

Aside been of great help in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, post menopausal trauma and osteoporosis, maca root powder also restores hormonal imbalance in both men and women. This means that maca root powder may help in suppressing hyper-prolactin in non-breast feeding women.

Maca coffee possess antidepressant

People who suffers anxiety disorder will find great help from drinking maca coffee. Maca was shown to activate noradrenergic and dopaminergic systems, and also rescues from oxidative stress. Some other studies also suggests that maca offers neuroprotective effect on the nervous system. For women dealing with post-menopausal depression, maca coffee may lighten their moods and restores motivation to do work in them.

Maca coffee for prostate enlargement

Another health benefit of Maca coffee is the ability to reduce prostate enlargement and stop prostate cancer formation. A study on red maca have proved this. It shows that red Maca reduced the prostate size, and zinc levels in a rat treated with the extract for fourteen days.
This ability to reduce prostate enlargement is associated to its high content of glucosinolates, which are associated with reduced risk of prostate cancer.
How to grow maca plant
Maca can both grow in the wild, on farmland, and at your balcony. It requires exposure to maximum sunlight, high winds and extreme temperature fluctuations. Although it can thrive in a poor soil condition, Maca grows well in a nutrient-rich environment, with adequate water supply.

Maca coffee recipe

Maca coffee powder is available for purchase in different brands and at different supper markets. You can also get the get any Maca coffee powder brand online at Konga store. You can as well make your own Maca root powder but that would take lots of your time and energy. So i would prefer the already made coffee root powder from reliable brand.

Ingredients for making maca coffee

  • A maca root powder
  • Coffee powder (optional)
  • Ginger powder
  • Honey/cream milk


  • As in coffee, brew your Maca coffee powder.
  • Depending on your preference, you can brew your coffee mild or strong.
  • Add coffee powder if you don’t care about caffeine.
  • Add your honey to sweeten it,
  • You can as well brew your maca coffee raw without adding any additive.
  • Drink your brewed maca coffee warm or hot.


Although there has not been any scientifically proven side effect from maca root coffee consumption, it is not advisable for a pregnant woman to be drinking maca coffee without prior doctor’s advise. People undergoing hormonal treatment, such as thyroid hormone should avoid taking Maca root powder. Another group of people that should avoid maca powder are those treating breast cancer.


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