8 Reasons why you should eat more guinep fruits

Guinep fruits are essential for maintaining good health.
Guinep fruits are nutritious as well as medicinal.

Guinep is one of the most popular fruits around the tropical regions of the world,especially among South and central America, and the Caribbean regions. The fruit tree is also found in Africa and Nigeria in particular.

Guinep is of two varieties: one of it is sweet while the other has a tangy flavor. The fruit tree has also been been utilised through out ages as part of medicinal regimen.

How to eat guinep

Guinep fruits are eaten fresh by first removing the the bark and licking the jelly-like pulp. Care should be taking when eaten guinep to avoid swallowing of the seed, as the fruit is slippery and can pass into your esophagus with ease.

The easiest way to open the fruit is to bite the skin gently to reveal the pulp. Be careful not to bite through the pulp and get to the seed.

Another means of enjoying guinep is to cold press the juice out of the fruit and drink or keep refrigerated.

You can also roast and grind the seed into powdered form. This is  taking as herbal tea for certain ailments such of diarrhoea. The seed powder can also be mixed with honey and taking for the same purpose.

In Latin America, the fruit is also processed to make jams, jellies, preserves, juices, sauces and fillings. The seeds may also be roasted and eaten similarly to chestnuts.

Where to buy guinep fruits

Guinep is a popular fruit. Although it is abundant in Jamaica and other countries like Puerto Rico, the fruit has gradually become a world known one and can be found easily in many super markets. You can also order guinep at various online store and have it delivered to your doorstep in a day or two. That’s how efficient online business has become!

Nutritional components of guinep

The popularity of guinep maybe due to its various nutritional components, and many phytochemical compound packed in the fruits and nuts.

Vitamins present in guinep

Guinep contains vitamin A, vitamin C the B vitamin complexes like riboflavin, thiamine, and niacin. These vitamins are vital for your cellular functions and body build up.

Amino acids and proteins in guinep

Guinep is rich in protein and amino acids. Some essential amino acids such as L-lysine, tryptophan. Although, both amino acids are essential and required for body building, beyond that, L- lysine is involved in the treatment of herpes diseases, wile tryptophan improves your brain functions.

Minerals present in guinep

Iron is main mineral component of the fruit. There are others such as calcium and phosphorus. Iron is involved in blood circulation and bone marrow production.

Guinep is rich in carbohydrates

Beyond being a sweet fruit, guinep is also an important part of your energy requirements. The fruit contains carbohydrates which your body needs for daily utilisation to generate energy.

Health benefits of guinep

Here now we come. Just like I told you earlier, guinep is not just a fruit for the merriment; it is also a herbal plant with wide range of application. We shall henceforth discuss in details those health benefits of guinep fruits.

Guinep fruit promotes healthy eyes

There are few fruits which promote healthy eyes. Guinep happens to be one of such fruits. This wonderful fruit is packed with vitamin A, a major component of the cells of the eyes.

Vitamin A promotes healthy eye seight through by strengthening the retina muscles. When vitamin A is deficient in the body, it can result to the weakening of the retina muscles, thereby causing night blindness, and at long range, may result to cataract, and total blindness.

Prevents anemia and boost blood production

Iron is a critical component of hemoglobin and myoglobin. Its function in the two proteins is to bind oxygen in the blood. Therefore, whenever blood passes through the lungs, oxygen molecules would bind to the iron and be transported to various cells and muscle tissues of the body.

If the iron in your body becomes deficient, the hemoglobins and myoglobins in your blood would have little amount of iron to bind. This would in turn results to little amount of oxygenated red blood cells.

When there are not sufficient oxygenated red blood cells, your body cells are starved of oxygen, and this results to a medical condition termed as anemia.

Guinep is good for managing hypertension

Guinep promotes happy and relaxed moods. This is very important for a person who’s managing hypertension. Aside this, it also contains enough antioxidants which protect your heart from the attack of free radicals, due to oxydative stress.

When free radicals attack the heart, they cause the incidence of atherosclerosis through the oxidation of the deposited low density lipoproteins in your blood vessels. This leads to the formation of plaques in your vessels and thus, increased blood pressure.

So you see, the more guinep you eat, the chances of you lowering your blood pressure. A more viable herbal tea you may consider is avocado seed tea. It has received many testimonies from patients who took the herbal remedy.

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Guinep promotes good digestion

Fiber is an integral components of foods. Without it, you may find it difficult to pass out feces. Fiber promotes good digestion of foods, improve the movement of your bowel muscles, and promote gastrointestinal health.

Fiblee is also very important for your heart, as it promotes the removal of bad cholesterols and increases good cholesterol levels. This properties of fiber is also very important for managing hypertension.

Improves your mood and sleep quality

If you’re someone that’s given to anxiety and depression, you should always take three or more fruits of guinep before bed time. This is because the fruits contain tryptophan, an amino acid that’s involved in the secretion of serotonin and simulation of happy mood and good sleep.

Promotes fast growth in children

Lysine is an amino acid that’s linked to promotion of proper growth and maintenance of healthy development. As you know, a child who eats well also grows well and taller than those who eats sparingly.

What lysine does is to promote appetite and cause your children to eat well. In turn, they would enjoy sound sleep and proper growth. So if you desire your children to grow well, then, always buy guinep fruits for them.

Promotes healthy and strong bone

Guinep also promotes healthy and strong bones. It is a rich source of calcium and phosphorus. Both mineral elements are essential for the development of strong, and healthy bones.

The presence of iron and vitamins in the fruits also promote healthy bones. Vitamin C is essential for the formation of collagen, which helps your bone fracture heal. It is also associated with increased bone mass.

May prevent urinary tract infections

One of the functions of vitamin A, aside its benefit for good vision, is the prevention of urinary tract infection. Vitamin A can serve as an adjuvant to many other medications against the growth of urinary tract infections. This makes guinep a good auxiliary fruit juice for preventing the growth of urinary tract infections.

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