Wonderful kola for fertility and other benefits

Does wonderful kola improve fertility in men?
Wonderful kola for diabetes.

If you are a Nigerian, and have used or heard of  Goron tula, or used miracle seeds, then you are likely going to know about wonderful kola (Buccholzia coricea). The plant tree belongs to the family of Capparaceae, and is known locally by different names. For example, wonderful kola is known as Uke among the Igbo people, Uworo or Aduwayo among the Yoruba people, and as Owi by the Edo people of Midwestern Nigeria.

Buccholzia coricea is known for its potency for correcting erectile disfunctions, and general infertility problems. But that is not all, it has been used to treat urinary tract infections such as gonorrhea and staphylococcus aureus.

Where to buy wonderful kola

Wonderful kola is fast becoming a household name among many Nigerians. As such, it is not a hard thing to buy it, as you can get it from local herbal practitioners around your area. You can also buy it from the local markets, or make an order online. Alternatively, you can simply ask your Facebook friends.

Wonderful kola is not good for pregnancy

It is very important I bring this to your notice, dear reader. Please, do not by any chance give wonderful kola, its decoction or product to a pregnant woman under any guise. Studies have shown that the fruit is toxic. Yes! You heard me right. Wonderful kola can be toxic when used for a long time.

Also, it is belived to possess abortifacent properties. Meaning that wonderful kola can cause abortion of pregnancy. So steer clear of the fruit if you’re pregnant.

How long can a person eat Buccholzia coricea?

Wonderful kola is not a food. It is actually not sweet. When eaten raw, it can cause allergies such as scratching of the body, purging and teary eyes. Aside these, it has been shown by studies that using wonderful kola to treat male infertility for a longer period can adversely affect your sperm motility.

You probably would not want to cure one form of illness and incur another. So don’t use it on a regular. Better to give a long break after using it for two or three days.

Wonderful kola, ginger, and garlic

The best way to use wonderful kola is to do so with ginger, and garlic. There are many reasons why this is beneficial. One of such reasons is that both ginger and garlic possess strong antioxidant properties that will mitigate the toxicity of Buccholzia coricea.

Garlic also possess nitric oxide and acts as a vasodilator. So it helps Aduwo to restore erectile dysfunction. Ginger offers protection to your liver, kidney and heart from oxidative stress. So joining both ginger and garlic to Uke will greatly suppress the harmful side of it.

How to use wonderful kola

The use of wonderful kola in the treatment of diseases is dependent upon the particular disease that is being treated. The popular way to prepare wonderful kola is to soak the nuts in a plastic can containing soda water for a day. Another method involves the use of diluted alcoholic drink to soak the nuts for a period of four days. In either method, depending on the particular ailment,, you may add ginger and garlic it.

It is important i mention here that beyond the nuts, the leaves, roots and stem bark of the plant is also used in the treatment of various ailments which i shall do well to discuss them in this article.

Health benefits of wonderful kola

The health benefits of Buccholzia coricea may be traced to its phytochemical contents. Some of the bioactive phytochemicals present in the seed of the kola includes alkaloids, saponins, tannins, anthocyanins, steroids, polyphenols, phenols, and vitamin C. It also contains some mineral elements that are essential for the body functioning.

Wonderful kola for impotency

Erectile dysfunction is becoming popular among even middle age men, unlike before. This is happening at a time when some studies claim that over 50% of infertility among couples are to be blamed on the man. This is becoming a serious case that require urgent attention.

It is uncommon now to see young boys drinking all manner of bitter alcoholic drink, to gain strong erection and be able to satisfy their partners.

Wonderful kola and goron tula are used treat infertility in men and women. Another important herb for treating weak erection are uziza leaves and seeds.

For treating bacterial infections

Wonderful kola and miracle seeds are good body flushers. They both possess strong antimicrobial activities against bacterial infections such as staphylococcus aureus. Although this may not be scientifically appropriate to practise at home, but some traditional healers believe that combining wonderful kola, scent leaf, potash, tobacco leaves, and 15 capsules of ampicilline soaked in dry gin may treat gonorrhoea infections.

Well, if you would give it a try, then you’d have to soak the ingredients overnight. After that, you can take two spoons of the mixture in the morning and at night.

Curculigo pilosa for diabetes

Aside being used for the treatment of fertility issues, wonderful kola is also popular for its antidiabetic properties. The traditional use of wonderful kola to treat diabetes have been confirmed in a study, which shows that metabolic extracts of uke seeds exhibited high inhibitory effects on alpha-amylase enzyme.

According to the study, the seed has strong antioxidant properties, which may be utilised in the prevention of oxidative stress.

It is important to know that diabetes is an autoimmune disease, which is usually caused by oxidative destruction of the beta cells of the pancreas, or a mutation in the genetic make up of gene encoding the production of and utilisation of insulin.

May protect your heart

Uke seeds have an active compound called curculigoside. This compound offers a protective role against myocardial ischaemia reperfusion injury. In a study, curculigoside was shown to have increased, significantly, cell survival rate. It also reduced mitochondrial-mediated cell apoptosis through the inhibition of mitochondrial permeability transition pores opening.

It is worthy of note the the strong antioxidants present in wonderful kola are very useful for protecting your heart from harmful effects of free radicals. The presence of some essential oil may also play vital roles in reducing the level of serum LOL-cholesterol level.

Wonderful kola for rheumatism and whitlow

In traditional medical practice, the kola is used along side b scent leaves, ginger, and alligator pepper to treat rheumatism, and other arthritis. This is also proven through scientific studies to be effective. In one of the numerous studies, Curculigoside A, which is the main active compound in the kola was found to significantly relieve the hind paw swelling and arthritis index. It was also found to reduce serum pro-inflammatory factor levels of IL-6, IL-1β, PGE2, and TNF-α.

For rheumatism, a decoction of the aforementioned ingredients is made. The patient then would drink two spoons of the the mixture morning and at night. However, in the case of whitlow, the a mixture of 1 kola soaked in lime juice for is topically applied on the affected finger for about 10 minutes. This is repeated till the whitlow disappears.

Wonderful kola offers neuroprotection

It is a public knowledge that neurotoxicity is the risk factors of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson disease and others. This knowledge is probably what necessitated the search for neuroprotective compounds that can prevent, as well as offer curative effect on the neurotoxicity. One of such herbal remedies is wonderful kola.

A regular consumption of the kola will help in improving the your children’s learning and memory capacity. Wonderful kola is also a source of strong antioxidants. These antioxidants mitigates the harmful effects of oxidative stress on your neurological system. This has been shown in scientific studies that the kola offer both curative and preventive help to you.

May improve bone health

Another important use of wonderful kola is in the treatment of osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is common bone disease which which is caused by reduction in bone mass and microstructural degradation. These usually lead to increased osseous fragility and fracture.

Usually, osteoporosis is treated by using hormone replacement therapy, or alendronate therapy. These usually leaves the patient with possible side effects, and mostly out of the affordability of the poor fellows. So the needs for alternative therapy, which wonderful kola may present a best option if properly studied and the active compound extracted.

Wonderful kola side effects

Just as the plant fruit is known to possess different medicinal values, care must be taken when administering it. When consumed in excess, wonderful kola can be toxic, especially to male reproductive organ.

So the wise thing to do is to avoid overdose of the fruit. Some of the possible side effects include:


Do not consume wonderful kola if you’re pregnant. This is because the fruit can cause miscarriage of your baby. There’s no special benefit of wonderful kola for a pregnant woman. So do your best to avoid it.

May affect sperm count

Several studies have supported the claim that Uke can be toxic to the sperm. Although it has been proved also to improve male fertility, it should be taken with care and at your doctor’s supervision.

May cause purging

Wonderful kola can purge you. So don’t eat it if you’re gojng to attend a meeting, conference of sit in a public vehicle for a longer period of time.


This article is a purely academic exercise, and should not by any means replace your doctor’s professional advice.

Also, in case of any serious reaction when consumed, stop further us e of the fruit and consult your doctor.



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